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ai This thing is a bit beyond my imagination.

Today I suddenly discovered that Microsoft's AI is available, so I tried it out.
Before trying it, I thought it was just a more accurate and detailed aggregation.
But the result was a bit beyond my imagination.
Without further ado, here's the image:

This is an XSS attack URL, written in basic script syntax.
I hope it can help me write a detection rule based on Snort syntax.
Then the AI's first reply made me feel very rigorous. Because it didn't just find a similar one online and send it to me, but asked me some questions.
When I supplemented the answers to the questions, such as the action being alert and the protocol being TCP, I got the following content:

It even came with an explanation...

In summary:

  • It's not just about piecing things together, it will make requirements based on your questions to achieve better results.

  • From my perspective, the Snort rule replied can be used, although it's just a rough framework. But if it's for a completely new job or a summary of physical work, it's definitely useful.

  • Not all questions will have answers, for example, when I asked if it could help me make some money in my account, it directly refused and even terminated the conversation...

Of course, what I'm using here is still quite rudimentary, there are definitely more things to unlock.
But at least in practical work, I am willing to use it, or I have already started using it.
At least it can save my poor written description. I believe you all can feel it too. 🤣

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